Monday, December 31, 2007

Memories (installment 2)

See installment 1 here
My memories of school are not fun memories....though I seemed to like being at school more than being at home. I had a few friends, though I was always an oddball...I dressed differently, and had a lot different expectations of life than did the other kids with whom I went to school.
I loved to read, and being at school meant that I got to read a LOT. When I was at home, I had to do chores. When I was at school, I got to read! I also got to do some other fun stuff....softball, rollerskating, volleyball, swinging....
BUT, because we were SO different, we got made fun of, a LOT. I never understood how all these people could call themselves good Christians, and treat our whole family so terribly. My mother never had any friends in that church. Whenever she pointed out something that seemed unfair (the pastors' daughters wearing the forbidden makeup, eg.), she was ostracized even more. My brothers got into lots of fights, and I got in trouble at school for defending them.

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