Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I hope your year is starting off well!
The kids and I had a very quiet night last night. I stayed up and watched the ball drop...the younger 4 kids were in bed by 9:30, and the older two tried to stay up....but both were asleep by 11:30. I got to talk to Jason periodically all night long...it was lonely, but not too bad, since we got to talk.
This morning started late, again. Since I was up late, I slept in until sometime around 10:00 am. The kids have been outside for most of the day, playing, and rescuing a dog. Heather and her friend Sarah (twin to Tara) came running in while I was on the phone with Jason, and were yelling for me to call the SPCA, because there was this dog outside who was hurt. It seems that the dog had been stabbed/chopped with a meat cleaver that was found with her, and was really beat up. Animal Control came, and took her away to a vet. The kids would really like to get her, if an owner can't be found....I can't see having a Black Lab in our itty bitty townhouse. Jason doesn't want a dog inside...but we have no room outside. I don't know how it would work....but I'd love to have a dog, too....and a Lab is my favorite!
So, plans/goals/resolutions for 2008....
1. Losing weight....healthy weight loss, done with healthy change of diet...NOT dieting, but complete change of our family way of eating....and addition of exercise...I'm hoping to pay a year ahead for Curves, and be able to get in AT least 4 times per week.
2. Business...I am planning to work from home this year...doing both medical transcription and Melaleuca.
3. Menu planning....I want to be able to plan our healthier lifestyle on a weekly basis, so I can shop according to a plan.
4. Organization....I am GOING to get organized this year. Organize my business stuff, organize all the stuff that's still in the boxes in the garage (including DUMPING a bunch of it!), and organizing the rest of the house.
There's my plan for 2008....what's yours?

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