Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Firsts

Today was Leah's first day in Kindergarten. It was just for less than half of the day...I had to go get some paperwork notarized before I could take her to school. She was THRILLED that she got to be one of the big kids. and riding the bus home was THE BEST thing in the world! She came home and told Katherine that she would LOVE riding the bus! I had absolutely NO problems getting Leah to bed tonight, because she's SO excited about school tomorrow.
We're one day closer to having Daddy home...only 12 days to his farewell in Helena. Tonight he's bowling one last time with his league. He was busy Katherine's birth certificate (2 copies), and spent time time aquainting his replacement with the reserve center.
I did some research today, and have an appointment with Curves on Monday morning. I am going to be able to pay for 6 months ahead of time. I also printed off directions to get to the Mall to use all of those awesome gift cards we received for Christmas. Barnes & Noble, Gap, Bath & Body Works, and Toys R we come!!!
Tomorrow....I'll probably be on the phone for most of the day. I also want to get the Christmas decorations taken down, and make a firm list of the things that I need to buy for the house.

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