Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scrolling Saturday, Edition 3

Getting on this late today...too much to do this morning, and too late of a night last night...anyway, this was originally posted on my other blog on September 6, 2007...just another picture of my life.

Okay, so this WAS supposed to be a daily blog...RIGHT. Who has the time?
Technically, I SHOULD have the time, since I'm on the computer all the time, but
then, I'd have to actually remember that I have a blog, and update it from time
to time.

So, a litte update. School just started back after a long,
eventful summer. A much better summer than last summer way, by the way, for
which we are all MOST grateful. So the kids are back in school....Frances is now
in 8th grade (!), Jon is in 5th, Heather in 4th, and Justin is in 2nd grade.
We're not doing kindergarten, or Leah would be in school this year, too. So,
naturally, I had to go buy all the crap that's on those back-to-school lists
that the teachers come up with. What was I thinking?!? We don't have that much
money!?! Oh, and what were those teachers thinking...."hmmm...if I put all MY
supplies down on the kids back-to-school lists, then I won't have to buy any
this year!" Brilliant idea on some teacher's question is
this....where are all those millions in dollars that we spend on education
going, if the teachers don't get enough money to buy their classroom supplies?

We also just got back into town from our vacation to Colorado Springs.
It was a BLAST! We got to go visit our friends, Brian and Carol, and their son
Aarron, who are now stationed at Ft. Carson. Colorado Springs is BEAUTIFUL! We
got to do all kinds of things....after I spent half of our first day there in
the ER.....seems my husband rearending someone on the way there messed with my
already stiff neck....I couldn't sleep, or get comfortable, and really, reallly
needed some painkillers. So, after spending forever in a crowded military
hospital ER, I went back to our room, took drugs, and happily slept away the
rest of the day. Jason took the kids, and Brian, and they visited the Air Force
Academy (just in time for chow), and went and walked the mall....brought me back
Chick-Fil-A, and some cashew pralines...YUM! We got to visit the Cheyennne
Mountain Zoo, the Will Rogers Shrine, and Helen Hunt Falls. Beautiful....but
steep mountain roads. I would have some serious issues living there! We also got
to eat Sonic and Waffle House....oh the things we miss out on, living in Helena!
All in all, it was a good posted at

So now we're back to's started. I head back to work tomorrow night (I'm back on
overnights again). Jason's back at work. We're getting closer to moving. Our
pack-out date is October 29-30, and truck-loading will be on the 31st. I don't
know why they think they need 2 days to pack it....but, maybe they pack slower
here than they did in TX...they do everything else slower here. In the mean
time, we're waiting to hear back from the insurance adjuster about the van...I
got the estimate done on Tuesday, and it wasn't too bad....well, except for the
fact that we have to come up with the $500 deductible. ICK. Hopefully hubby's
school money comes in soon!

Oh, yeah....that's the other thing that's
going on right now....hubby's back in school...this time working on his Master's
Degree. He's still planning to put in his Officer's Package...when we get to the
new command in Virginia. For now, they've exended him here until the first of
January. We'll all go to SC in November for Thanksgiving, and hopefully at that
time, we'l be able to get into housing in Virginia. Then Jason will fly back out
here to finish out his last couple of weeks, before he reports to Little Creek
NOSC on February 20th.

Then there's all the fun medical stuff.
Two weeks before we went on vacation, Frances decided that she NEEDED to spend 2
1/2 hours in the ER...CAT Scan, mild concussion, super-glued nose, sinus
infection, can also see pictures of her scraped-up face in the
pictures referenced above. She's almost completely healed up...there's some mild
scarring on her nose, which the plastic surgeon we saw yesterday said should be
helped immensely with Oxy-10 and Vitamin E oil. I'm also working on my
headaches...I saw the physical therapist yesterday, and she wanted me to see the
Doctor again before she worked me...seems I was responding strangely to some
testing of the ligaments that she was doing, and she wanted to make sure
everything was okay from the wreck. I also picked up the oxymetry thingy
yesterday....Dr. Diane wanted to check my O2 levels overnight, to make sure that
lack of oxygen is not causing the all-day-every-day headaches. That was fun. Put
the little clippy-thing on your finger, tape down the wire, in two places, and
let it do it's little magic all night. RIGHT. I did NOT sleep well...was aware
of the stupid thing all night.....woke up with the wire completely wrapped
around my neck! At least it's DONE. I get to return it to the office today.

Okay....breakfast and coffee time...and time to start kicking kids outa
the house, so they don't miss the bus.

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Laura said...

WOW - and I thought our life was busy with our three - yours is more than double with 6!!!!

thanks for sharing!

TheVasquez3 said...

6 kids AMAZING!! i am jealous of your chaos...does that sound odd?

happy Scrolling Saturday, feel free to pop in at our place!

forgetfulone said...

You are an amazing mom! Never a dull moment in your home, it seems. How DO you keep up with a blog?

As for those millions of dollars we spend on schools (and I am a teacher), trust me, the classrooms DO need the supplies! The money is all in the pockets of the district level coordinators and superintendents. At least in Texas, it is.

Jenni said...

Sounds like September was pretty crazy for you. Hopefully the boring month of February will bring some peace!