Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wow, Wow, Wubzy!!

I LOVE NOGGIN. Not for me to watch. Remember...I don't watch TV. Unfortunately, my kids end up watching a lot more TV than I prefer. The least I can do is find a show that is relatively educational and doesn't violate my beliefs. So, when we got the cable hooked up, I was thrilled that we would have NOGGIN available. That is all that my littlest watches. Sometimes, though, I wonder about the people that write these shows. What ARE they smoking?

For example, Wow, Wow, Wubzy! is about a little cat, and her friends Widget (a rabbit-inventor) and Waldon (the resident brainiac) who all live in Wuzzleburg. The adventures they have are strange and involve getting themselves into trouble at every turn.

Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is about a family of spiders and all of the other little bugs that they adopted, including a dragonfly, a bedbug, a jewel beetle, and their friends, bees, frogs, and no-see-ems.

Jack's Big Music Show is about a boy and his friend Mary, and his dog Mel, and all of the musical adventures they have in Jack's clubhouse in his back yard...all in the few minutes before he has to run off to his next activity with his mom.

Where do they come up with these ideas? Who sits down and says "I think I'll write a kid's show about bugs"?!? Or that includes a dog that plays the drums? Or that a rabbit-girl would be an inventor? Yeah, I can just see it..."Mom, Dad, I think I am going to write a children's TV show about bugs for 3 year olds." I look at some of these shows, and think that my 10 year old could right shows with better plots.

Okay, back to work...listening to NOGGIN, and typing away at my computer!


NCmom said...

I haven't seen Wubzy yet but I'll have to check it out. My kids are big fans of Raggs. They also have a dog that plays the drums, but it's a really cute show and the music is great.

Persuaded said...

We don't have tv in our house, but when we visit Nana's the kids LOVE Noggin... and I'll admit to sneaking a peak myself now and then, lol! Some of the shows are soooo cute!