Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All kinds of online fun!!!

I am stoked. I was concerned (a little) about having to find the DMV to go get my driver's license renewed. Last time I had that done was when we lived in Texas. FIVE years ago. And TWO states ago. So, now we're in Virginia, and I REALLY did NOT intend to get a Virginia license. Just NOT going there. I INTENDED to get a Montana license before we left there....obviously THAT didn't happen. Then, I realized that my birthday was last week....and my license expired that fateful day. Did I REALLY want to DRIVE to the DMV with an expired license? Just in the nick of time, my buddies/neighbors reminded me that said service IS available ONLINE now!!! YIPPEE! I got my license RENEWED...My TEXAS license!! I have a handy-dandy paper receipt IN HAND until the new plastic one arrives. Can I just say....I LOVE this whole online thing!!!

So, more online goodies! Blonde Mom is doing a give-away... Handy Manny and Little Einstines DVDs! How cool is that? Go see her give-away....all you have to do is comment!

Also, there are a TON of other REALLY cool give-aways....check out the Snow Buddies DVD give-away at momsational.


Scribbit said...

Love love love the contests, thanks!

Stacey said...

Oh Laura, if it can be done online, I'm doing it! Is that wrong? Antisocial? Not very neighborly? Idk, but folks at the DMV and the WalMart parking lot are much safer with me off the streets! Beautiful header, gorgeous family you have! xo

Mrs. C said...

Hello, Laura! I just wanted to say "hi" and tell you I enjoy your blog. Found you through Stacey (jameeforever).

Have blatantly stolen the "reading level" item at the bottom of your page. I'm a junior high level on my blog - woo hoo!