Saturday, February 2, 2008

Scrolling Saturday, Edition 4

Originally posted on my other blog, December 27th, 2007.

Brain-drool (or random ramblings)

I talked to Mama tonight...she sounds more like herself, though still very tired-sounding. She hopes to go home tomorrow. They had planned for her to go home today, but her blood sugar was dangerously low, and they decided to keep her for another day, to give her more time to get that under control.

I also talked to Daddy...the boys were at the house today, doing more to help get the house ready for Mama's homecoming. They finished up the porch, and worked a bit more inside, cleaning out more stuff, packing some up to go out into the storage, and loading up some more trash. They also were able to move all the cars out of the front yard. While they were working, James (married for all of a week) lost his wedding band in the garden. Fortunately, he was able to find it relatively easily.

This whole thing of my parents' hoarding/pack-rat tendencies really bothers me. I have been reading articles and web-sites dealing with children of hoarders, and how to help hoarders. I am scared to death that I will get back into that level of saving/grime that I lived in for so long. I know Jason won't let it stay that way, but I do know my tendencies. I am also shaken by the thought of having to clean out the wreck that is my parents' home, when they pass away, or can no longer care for it themselves. That day may come a LOT sooner than we expect....Naomi is looking into art Florida and California. That day of her leaving is probably in less than a year from now.

Right now, Daddy is doing a lot better...his tri-geminal neuralgia is not bothering him at this moment...for which we are IMMENSELY grateful! If/when that starts acting up again, he has a VERY difficult time dealing with eating, dressing, showers, etc....caring for the animals and house become almost too much for him.

Unfortunately, my brothers disagree STRONGLY on how things should be approached with my parents. David is pressuring Daddy to get another well drilled on the place. James is willing to consider other methods of water collection. My thought, right now, is that there is NO water to be collected right now...there has been so little rain in the last 2 years that having any kind of water collection system is useless. At the moment, Daddy DOES have a little money that could be used to drill a new that has been needed for close to 20 years. Daddy is a TERRIBLE procrastinator. He tried to drill a well in several different spots, himself, but wasn't able to go deep enough to reach water. Since then (at least 15 years), he has only worked at hauling water from the well 1/2 mile up the road, at the old Simmons' house. That house is falling apart, but if some work was put into it, they could move up there, and have running water and a be able to wash clothes AND shower AND wash dishes. As far as procrastinating goes, Daddy still hasn't finished Mama's kitchen, which he was working on when I was in high school, in the mid-80's....nor has he finished the basement, which has been in the works since I was 3 years old.


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Tara R. said...

Very poignant post... I hope all is well with both your parents.

Melissa said...

I hope things are better for your folks now! Happy SS!

Sandy C. said...

What an honest re-post. I'm sure many of us could relate to much of it. I hope your parents are doing well now.

TheVasquez3 said...

wow talk about putting it all out there! good for you for being so open and forth coming and i pray your folks get better soon.

Ruth said...

That Scrolling Saturdays idea is a good one.

Quite some procrastination, there. That could win an award!

forgetfulone said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Have a happy weekend.

Alison said...

I hope your parents are doing better! I read your post below, and my son was born in Columbia, SC. We were there for 2 weeks for his birth and adoption!!

Laura said...

Hope things have improvedsince theoriginal post. It is so difficult toknow the right thingto do to help.

Thanks for sharing.