Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scrolling Saturday, Edition 9

This is a fun little meme put together by Colleen at Manners and Moxie and Melissa at SuchSimplePleasures.

So, what you do is, pick an archived that you felt deserved all the love in the world but, didn't have any readers was ignored. Well, maybe not completely...your mom, siblings and best friends may have commented but...not your blog posse!

So here is my next contribution...

From December 5, 2007
Sent out to everyone today....

Family and friends,
I know that I've been a little lax in keeping in touch over the last couple of months...I'm sorry.
Moving always does this to me, and then I try catching up afterwards, but somehow always this time, I'm making the effort to email as many as possible to let you know where we are, and what is happening with us. If you've already gotten some form of this, I appologize.
We left Montana on Friday, November 16th, and drove to Fargo, ND, where we spent 2 nights with some friends (Thank you, Karla!).
Leaving there on Sunday, we spent the next 2 nights with some friends outside of Memphis, TN (thanks, Sean and Margo!).
We left there on Tuesday, and had lunch with my grandmother in Montreat, NC, and then arrived in time for dinner with Jason's parents in Winnsboro, SC. It was a HUGE relief to pile out of the van, and carry out stuff in, and know that we weren't going to be travelling again for 5 days. We spent some relaxing time with them, catching up on sleep, and preparing for the remainder of the trip to Virginia Beach.
On Monday, November 26th, we drove up here, along with another friend, and got our keys, and basically moved in. The moving company arrived on Tuesday with our things, and I've been unpacking ever since. I've found all of the dishes, and most of the clothes, but I am still looking for some of the kids' birth certificates. We've found a church (thank you, Tara and Andrew!), but I am still looking for a good AWANA to put the kids in, and I am still working on getting everyone back into school....birth certificates would certainly help!
At this moment, I am sitting at my computer in our new place in Virginia Beach, VA, while my husband is staying with a friend in Helena, MT. He flew back out there last Thursday, and will be at the reserve center there until sometime in January, at which time he will drive across the country again, and hopes to report to his new duty station by February 1st.
The trip went well (no cars broke down this time!), but it was a LONG drive. God was with us all the way, and we are very grateful for His provision and protection. Now, we look forward to the whole family being together again, and getting to know our new community.
Laura, for the Paxtons
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Stacey said...

Oh it's beautiful out there--we have family scattered in VA. xo

MomOnTheGo said...

This is a neat meme and a great way to get to know you, if one is new to the blog, which I am. I visited a cousin whose husband was stationed in Virginia Beach years ago. There were many pro-military signs out. I live in Ottawa and so we have lots of military folks at national defence HQ but I'm don't think that they feel the same support unfortunately.