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Update on Hannah

Since people were asking, I am posting the most recent information I have.

Forwarded from some attorneys in the case....

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 06:18:16 +0000
Just incase you didn't get this.
Below is an e-mail from Brad and Linda, two attorneys who were able to visit Hannah the day after her birthday(2/19/08).

Some good news, some not so good.
Lord have mercy on dear Hannah.
Please continue to pray to God Almighty for His blessings and intervention. Mark
It was so good to see Hannah. She looked healthier than when we had last seen her at County. Brad and I both feel guilty that it was us visiting instead of those she misses so much. I wrote notes as we were talking because I told her there was no way I would remember everything to try to relate to y'all so I'm going to share as the conversation went along.

Getting access was relatively easy as compared to here. We located the main building, got a permit and were then sent to the "Reception Area" unit just down the street. Once there, we walked up to the guard at the side gate, gave him our paper, showed ID and were taken inside. Within a few minutes waiting for the room to be prepared we saw Hannah on the other side of the door and were visiting within minutes. She wears a white dress which is worn by all those in this unit unless you're a trustee.

We had a few papers to pass to her which had to go through the guard sitting in an adjacent area. They sat at the far end of the room and don't know if they could listen to us. We had a picture of Emma that Sue had e-mailed us. Brad included it in the stack of "papers" passed to Hannah and then asked if it was permissible. The guard checked with her superior and was told no pictures, only documents relating to her case but Hannah got to see it anyway.

Our conversation . . . First, she is still not classified and has no ID card, thus no commissary. After our phone call with her over a week ago we thought that had been resolved. She got a temporary ID but still not correct to get commissory. Brad is calling this a.m. to see where it stands. She has received some toiletries from other girls as well as some hotel size items. The others can get written up for sharing, but . . . There appears to be some confusion that Plane State took her picture, issued ID and hasn't made its way to Gatesville. Others say another unit should have issued. Brad's checking.

She says this "RA" reception area unit has no rule book, but yet the rules are supposed to be followed. It's hard to follow rules when you don't know what they are, even hanging your towel up and where. Her roommate is "Angie Trevino", a girl from C.C. who went up the day after Hannah. She is a Catholic and they have had many conversations about Jesus/Mother Mary. She says it's rather annoying that when she's ready to sleep this is when Angie wants to talk. The girl across the hall is a Christian and asks Hannah to pray for her and sing. Hannah sings and sometimes the other girls yell because they don't want to hear. She says her migraines are somewhat worse. Her ear has been bothering her, but gave up on seeing someone after waiting five hours only to be told all they were going to do was refill the migraine prescription and not look at her ear. "Fill out another request". Very few bad dreams as compared to while at County. She doesn't fear for her safety nor feel singled out. At County she felt it was better because many were aware of her case and believed in her innocence. Up there the guards just treat all of them as being there doing their time. One of the hard things is being asked at least 15 times a day "When are you going home". She says that is the biggest topic of conversation among the girls. Afternoons seem to be the hardest time. Mail comes around 7 p.m. Anything received from attys comes around 2 p.m. She has been to worship twice on Mondays. Not able to go this past Monday as it was a holiday. Out of her cell for three meals and shower. Not allowed to go outside until after there 30 days.

Stories about the facility being the former "Boys State School" circulate -- something about ghosts in the place. One girl particularly bothered by stories (she seems a little slow) has expressed a hunger to Hannah about faith. Another lady "Kat" from CC ended up there. Told everybody they better not hurt Hannah or she would take care of them. "Oh, baby, you shouldn't be here". She feels very strong about Hannah's innocence. They sang Happy Birthday to her at 3:30 a.m. She is not freezing like in County. She was issued a jacket. Says yes, they have roaches there, too. She got bit by a spider, but nothing serious. Of probably 40 ladies, only five have not been classified within a week. Some have been there 30, 60, 70 days.

One lady across the hall in for life seems to upset her, lady talking suicide. She's been in for 15 years and now trying new legal approach. Married her "significant other" after locked up and he's been to see her every week for 15 years. One trustee lost trustee status for taking a bite of food after she stood up. Can be charged with "escape" if you stick your head out the opening in the door for food service. Alot of arbitrariness.

She's asked if she'll be brought back to CC if oral argument granted. Brad checking. Her hair seems to be falling out when she showers -- she thinks due to stress. Male guards are on the unit and can come in any time. The ladies watch out for each other and warn each other about male guards when showering/going to bathroom. Like to withhold things for "control", i.e., toilet paper, etc. For med call (2-3 a.m.) they'll say "Medicine" real soft so ladies won't hear and receive proper meds. The life girl across the hall says most won't talk about their experience because it's so bad, but she wants to write it so everyone knows.

Books, letters . . . . Can't stress how important these are. This absolutely makes her day. And yes, Larry, she's thrilled each time you have written. She wrote you Tues. a.m. Since no commissary, her access to envelopes/paper is quite limited. She can receive homemade cards with things glued if not too much glue so they can see underneath it. Stickers are OK, but no "puffy" stickers. Nothing laminated/plastic. Cardboard bookmarks OK. Books must come from book store, not individual. Magazines from the publisher would be great. Can't send blank paper.

She would like: Streams in the Desert, Randy Alcorn (Not Dominion), Redeeming Love, Teen/Kid book on spiritual warfare (She said ask Doug), Shofar Blew (Francine Rivers), Mark of the Lion series, and "Hinds Feet in High Places". Some of these were in the "stack" she hadn't finished reading or just wanted to keep. No "mushy" books.

PRAYERS: ID/Classification so she can . . . get commissary and visitations. Pray for contact visits with family. Pray for Godly cell-mate, hall-mates. Pray after classification her reassignment (dorm/cell).

Talked about best way to prepare kids for visit. Still remembers visits with her dad.

John & Kenda wrote, said they'd be there last Friday and didn't make it. Wondering why.

We touched through the screen and prayed. Leaving is always the hardest.
<>< Linda and Brad
We told her we would try to get back after brief filed so we can go over it with her.

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