Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And now...

...back your regularly scheduled programming.

In other words, life goes on, whether or not I am busy. Kids still have baseball (well, except that it's been raining again), and school (except for the one that got suspended for the day yesterday), and laundry has to be done, and dishes keep piling up in the kitchen sink.

Hopefully the two practices and one game scheduled for tonight go on as previously scheduled. At this moment there is no rain falling, though the ground is still completely saturated, and there are puddles all around. I anticipate very muddy children coming home this evening!

Which means more laundry. YIPPEE.

The eldest was in a flute trio competing yesterday at another middle school. Which meant another drive across town. I think they did very well...still waiting to hear results, though.

Some of the neighbors are moving....the dad is headed to Iraq, so the family is moving closer to family. Their little girl is in kindergarten with my 6 year old. We've had her over in the afternoons yesterday and today to play while the packers have taken over their house. Last night, after she left, I had to deal with tears over losing a friend. What can I say? This WILL be the story of their lives as long as their dad is in the military. Thankfully, cheap telephone minutes and internet access help shorten the distance between friends.

And now, we are preparing for a 5th grade graduation, softball season, and summer vacation. And more work. And more friends moving....

....yes, life does go on.


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

That's so sad about your daughters friend moving away. Our boys are going through the same thing right now. Their best friends in the neighborhood just moved too :(

One of the drawbacks to military life I guess...

sallie said...

Yep, leaving friends is probably the one BIG con as a kid sees it for military life... but ah, rain! I can't wait to feel, and SMELL, that again :-)

God bless,