Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bloggy Business

I get so distracted with daily life that I forget about things, so I guess I need to take care of this NOW, before it is totaly forgotten.

Wendy, at The Adventures of MomLady bestowed this beautiful award on me sometime last week. I am SO honored. Thank you, Wendy!!

So, to pass on this bit of beauty...I have to figure out some deserving people (not that the unchosen are not deserving...after all, I can't link the whole of bloggyworld!)....

Jackie at Mother's Pride

My Life With Boys

It's a Wonderful Life

Our Seven QTpies

Jennifer at the petersons go public!

Enough for now. Enjoy your little bit of bling and your time in the spotlight! I love your blogs, ladies, and get by to read every chance I get. I hope this helps brighten your days!


Qtpies7 said...

Thanks so much!
I always have to wonder why people want to read my blog, it is full of poop and crazy things.

Cassandra said...

Yippee, I got an award- which I am now just seeing! My life has been, um, ridicuously busy lately. I just can't keep up. Thanks- I will post it soon, as soon as my five year old's school is done for the day! ~Cassandra

the mother of this lot said...

Hi Laura - sorry it took me so long! This is a lovely award. Thank you. I'll pass it on as soon as I get a chance!