Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Plans

I love weekends. I love having everyone home and doing things together. It seems like we don't get to do that very often, and this weekend will be no exception.

Tonight, two kids have baseball practice and hubby has (hopefully) has his last bowling night for this league. Then, the kids get to have their Friday night movie night...tonight they're watching Enchanted. Friday night is also date night for hubby and I...hopefully we can fit that in this week!

Tomorrow hubby has drill...he'll be training some people to take over so he doesn't have to go back on Saturdays anymore!! YIPPEE!! Three kids also have baseball games, plus we have laundry, house cleaning, showers....and homework for the oldest.

Sunday is church...we meet in a school, so we go early and help set up, and then stay for both services and help with the break down afterwards. THEN hubby has softball practice, and I'll bring all the kids home. The kids all take afternoon naps on Sunday... family tradition that means that we all have a nice quiet afternoon.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I need to get to the store for birthday presents for the 12 year old birthday boy.

Okay, must get to work....hope you all have a great weekend!!


Laura said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.

I am a single mom for 2 weeks, so am shipping the kiddies to my parents for the weekend - lots planned while they are gone - clean, scrapbook, yard work and regular work...a bit boring!

have a great weekend!

Mrs. C said...

LOL My son just turned 13 and we just went to the store together and I told him he had X amount to spend. He got what he wanted (with approval) and I didn't have to search the aisles for hours just to figure out he's past enjoying Barney the Dinosaur and have to return the gift.

Hope your weekend doesn't turn out as crazy as you typed. Whoo.