Sunday, May 18, 2008

Memories (installment 18)

My pregnancy was uneventful. We were still living at the bug-ridden trailer. I was still working my dream job. The other two kids were growing and beautiful kids. We still were not talking to my family.

I travelled for training during that pregnancy...the company flew me to Kansas City to company headquarters for a week's training. That was a fun trip...nice motel room, fun people to work with, learning more about how big of a company I was working for, dinner out, shopping in downtown KC, KC Royals game, and an Alabama concert. While I was gone, Jason was busy, too.

Remember that trailer we were living in? The one with the bugs, and spiders and bad septic system?

Yeah, we were still there.

And those cockroaches...ohmygoodness...the cockroaches...they were makin' whoopi...all 27,000 of them....and multiplying....every day....oy!

It. was. AWEFUL.

So, while I was away, playing in KC, Jason moved himself and the two kids to his mom's and bombed the place.

No, nononono....NOT that kind of bomb. Unfortunately.

He set off something like 3 bug bombs in that little trailer. And then left them to it. And came back the next day.

Oh. My. Word.

The cockroaches. Thankfully I didn't have to see this part. I could NOT have done it. As he related it, every square inch of that place was COVERED in dead cockroaches. Every inch of the floor. The cabinets. The drawers. It was DISGUSTING. My husband, my hero, cleaned out all of the cockroaches. His mother...the saint...she came and washed every single dish in my kitchen, and wiped everything down.

And then he picked me up at the airport on Friday....and took me home to my bug-free trailer...

...which was only bug-free for about another week....until the left-over eggs hatched.

That was in August. In November, Heather Lorraine was Thanksgiving baby. About that time, we started talking about building a house...We HAD TO get out of that trailer park!!
And THIS is Heather and I at a work event. Because Heather went with me to work for 6 months. And I had a nursery set up for that little girl in my office....did I mention that this was my dream job?!? Oh, yeah, that was an AWESOME place to work!!!

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