Monday, May 26, 2008

Memories (installment 19)

We were very anxious to get away from the trailer park, and some other neighbors who also went to our church were building through a USDA program for first time builders who didn't have great credit. It was a program meant for us!

We found some property, and went to work...okay, well, we went out and watched the builders at work! Our little house was beautiful! It was NEW, and was on just over an acre of land. True, it was a LONG drive to work, for both of us, but we loved our little house.

We finally moved out of the trailer on April 15th, 1998, and into our own home. OUR house. Three bedrooms, two bath, dishwasher, laundry room, back deck. It was amazing...and it was home.

During this time, Jason was working for the Department of Juvenile Justice as a prison guard. One day, when he was still in training, I found him cleaning all of his pictures out of his wallet and taking off his wedding band. When I asked why, he said that he was going to be working in maximum security with sexual offenders. He did not want any of them to know that he had a family.

Our little house was in Gilbert, SC, in Lexington County. We liked Lexington County, but, again it was a LONG ways for both of us to drive to work, church, or to spend time with Jason's family. We still weren't talking to my family.

During the move, Jason hurt his back, and while he was recovering, started looking for another job. The career change he was looking for came in the form of truck driving school. He was at school for 3 weeks, passed his test and was offered a job which he took.

He started driving Over The Road (OTR) for Swift Transportation, delivering car parts in SC and Michigan (?). He was gone a LOT, but in the beginning, he was team driving with another guy because he was in training.

I was still working, taking care of my three children, loving our new house....and looking forward to the times my husband was home. Little did I know what this was preparing me for.

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