Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Favorite Memory as a Mom

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My Favorite Memory as a Mom

As a mom, I struggle with the notion that I am not supposed to favor one child over another. We all know that the child most like us in personality will grate on our nerves, and the most pleasant child will be something akin to our favorite. Don't get me wrong. I love all of my children. I don't like them all the time, but I most certainly love them all, wholeheartedly.

When I was a new mom, trying hard to fulfill all of the expectations of new moms everywhere, parenting was not fun. It was WORK. Now that I am not-so-new at this parenting thing, I am better able to back off of the seriousness of it all, and enjoy my children a bit more.

We just moved (again) in November of last year, and my "baby" turned four in December. She is amazing to watch, and a joy to everyone. She loves people, and in a group where she barely knows anyone, will go around giving leg-hugs to everyone. She was born in Montana, and until we moved, had lived there all of her life...rarely being exposed to people of different skin tones.

We found our new church very shortly after moving, and quickly got involved in small group. The group we were involved in was diverse with a lot of kids, and a few adults, several Caucasian, several African-American. As we spent more time with this group, we were quickly accepted and loved.

One Tuesday night at our group get-together, the kids were being rowdy and my "baby" got hurt, so she ended the meeting sitting in with us. Afterwards, I was sitting, talking with one of the ladies...a beautiful African-American lady who loves God with all her heart and has a special ministry to the children in our church. My baby sat and watched this lady for a while, then reached out and rubbed her hand over the other lady's, and said..."God made you brown. He made you perfect."

Both of us looked up at each other with tears in our eyes. My beautiful, innocent little girl stated God's heart for different people so perfectly. I will never forget that moment that my baby relayed that thought and showed that everything that we've been trying to teach her has actually taken root in her little head, and helped me realize that all of the hard work is SO worth it!


Our Family said...

Ahhh! The wisdom of babes...I love it!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Children see the world the way it should be seen, don't they? Lovely post.

Becca said...

Oh, I loved this! There is a reason we are instructed to be like little children!

Rhea said...

What a wonderful moment! A very sweet memory. Thanks for sharing!

I'm impressed....six kids?! Wow!

mom24 said...

Moments like this are so precious and such encouragement from the Lord! Very nice post!