Saturday, May 17, 2008

Progress Is A Beautiful Thing

But, when progress involves one cat peeing on my brand-new bed, progress is interupted.

So, the first cat, the lovely Nibbles
is the garage.

The second cat, the beautiful Pheobe
spent much of the day in the garage, as well.

It was NOT pretty. But, there IS progress.

Pheobe is back in the house.
Nibbles is still in the garage.
But she is happier with me.
She lets me hold her.
She even purrs.

THAT is progress.

The other piece of BASEBALL.

All three children in baseball played this morning at 11:00 a.m.
All three children who played WON.
That means that one child's team is still undefeated...
and the second child's team still has a pretty decent record...
and the third child's team has finally won a game...
but he was not chosen for the All Stars...
which is JUST FINE with me (though he was a little disappointed).

THAT is also progress.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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