Friday, May 2, 2008

The weekend begins...

Hubby is done with bowling for now...but he started softball games last night...a double-header last night and another double-header tonight.

Eldest daughter's softball team has not even started practices yet. I need to contact that coach again. At least I got her paperwork done this week...she's applied for the World Languages Academy through the public schools we just wait to see whether she has been accepted, and whether we will be driving her to school daily next year, or she will be riding the bus that picks the kids up at 6:30 am. We're also waiting for a call back from the kid with Global Expeditions...she's applying to go on a missions trip to Tiajuana in July...but he was suppopsed to call back yesterday, and never did...

#2 child has a baseball game tomorrow, as does #4. Baseball practice tonight was for #2 and #3. Somehow we missed 2 practices on Wednesday night. Argh.

I have Brew Group in the morning, and then get to come home and play taxi driver, and sit out in the sun and add to the sunburn I got last weekend.

Between all of the rest of life, I have work. And house cleaning. and blogging. And keeping up with the rest of the family. And Laundry. And shoe shopping... because we all know boys' shoes can't possibly last longer than 2 months. And I would sure love to sleep in for a year or two.... oh, and there is a case lot sale at the commissary, because, of course, it is payday there will be 90 million people at the commissary....debating...should I go? Should I *not* go?

Hope everyone else has a bit more relaxing weekend than mine promises to be. Have I ever mentioned that I can't wait for baseball to be finished?!?

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Gunnz said...

LOL! Happy shopping on paydayweekend at the Commissary's case lot sale. I hate the crowd on payday! I feel your pain.

Your boys shoes last two whole months? Seems like ours wreck a pair every 2 weeks! Boys who play at boy games can be expected to do that, I suppose.

Enjoyed the post. Good luck at the ball games, it's great that you support your kids athletic adventures. I think I remember my mom at one Cross Country meet and one Judo competition match.

See you around (but probably not until we hit the east coast and unpack). God blees you and your family, Laura. Hang in there Supermom!

AKA Gunnz