Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And the words everyone has been waiting to hear...

BASEBALL IS least for our house! YIPPEE!!

Today has been a busy day...Actually, the whole week's been if it's not crazy on a regular basis....

Monday was the 4th grade D.A.R.E. graduation.

And more baseball...Jon's team lost and was out of the tournament (can I just have my moment now, to jump up and down and cheer?...okay, done now)

Tuesday was Softball practice and rain.

This morning was my 12-year-old's 5th grade promotion and awards ceremony. (with LOTS of pictures).

Tonight, more baseball.

Heather's team lost (again, need my moment...).

Justin's team won...and got trophies...

The undefeated team

The awesome coach (I just have to add here...we've had alot of experience with coaches over the years...and this is one of the absolute best coaches I have ever seen. He motivated these 12 kids, and worked them hard, and they loved every minute of it! Thanks, Coach!)

The trophies.

The triumphant boy...

Yes, baseball is over. The husband's 3 softball teams are still playing, and the 14-year-old's team has yet to start their season. We still have a busy week or so of post-season parties (pizza and ice cream and swimming!), and then we'll be done until next spring. (I am VERY grateful that none of my children were picked for All Stars. I think my sanity would have deserted me at that point...).
Oh, and 2 more 1/2 days of school...and then I am officially insane...because I will officially have 1 child still at home, 3 in elementary school, 1 in middle school, and 1 in high school. Reserve a bed and cozy coat for me right now...I KNOW I'll need it soon!

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