Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog Rules

  1. This is MY blog. I will post what I desire to post here.
  2. Again, this is MY blog. I will not tolerate bashing of ANYONE here. I reserve the right to delete comments I find offensive.
  3. Anonymous comments that bash ANYONE are doubly deservent of deletion. If you cannot give me your name, your negative comment is the work of a coward.
  4. If you have something to say to ME directly, contact me via my email address, which IS now available on my profile page.
  5. I LOVE comments. Please continue to comment. Just remember that I DO reserve the right to delete offensive comments.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Angela said...

I've had to post something similar in the past. AMEN to that.

Sallie said...

Laura -- So sorry that you are having to deal with bad comments... I know I had to go to moderation for a while last year.

Hope all is well!
God bless,