Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

So, apparently I have nothing to say over the weekend. Or not. You see, I am TRYING to NOT work on Sundays, and that means that Saturday is spent finishing up my work, so I can NOT be on the computer all. day. long. on Sunday. Well, we all know better...when else would I go blog hopping?!?

And, because I work from home, I have no other adults to talk to. I can't be on the phone during the day, because I have my headphones on all. day. long. Which reminds me...I think I need to get some new ear buds....THESE look nice...but who has $40 just laying around to spend on ear buds?!? The ones I have are the rounded ones that pop out of my ears at the WORST times.

Where was I? Oh, yeah...having something to say.

Really, I DO have things to say. Things that involve depression, counselling, and dealing with fears. Things about our pastor's sermon on Sunday. Things about how my husband thinks. And how I don't deal well with how he thinks. And more upbeat things about vacations.

But first, we went to a baseball game on Saturday...our pastor's son was playing in the tournament. And it was fun to get to see him play, and see his family outside of the church setting. But it was hot, HOT, HOT!! When we left to come home afterwards, it was almost 6:00 pm. ICK. No wonder my kids were tired and grumpy. At least his team won...18-2, or something like that.

So, because we weren't home all day Saturday, the house is a DISASTER. Well, sort of. It's still better than it was during the school year. But it's still messy. Not picked-up. Dishes on the table from supper last night. And "they" are supposed to be coming sometime this week to replace our back doors. Our lovely, leaky back doors. We will be going from having French doors to having sliding glass doors. Not sure how I like that change, but at least they won't be leaking any more.

And that list of things I am supposed to be getting to cleaning? Not makin' any progress. Whatsoever. If anything, my desk is getting worse. Which is just depressing. Because this is where I sit all day long. And look at the growing pile. And get more depressed.

And I have packing to do at some point, which means laundry. And getting my work done. And doctor's appointments.

Which reminds me...the oldest had a doctor's appointment on Saturday. And had her first blood drawn. Because she's reacting to nuts...well, so far, just to ALMONDS, but the Nurse Practitioner said just to avoid nuts across the board. Which really isn't an issue for this child...she's never really liked nuts. So, she had blood drawn, to verify the allergy. And she is being referred to a real allergist. For more tests. Yippee.

So, I have a question. Because this allergy stuff is something I've been dealing with for a long, LONG time.

The question.....
If your child says they dislike something that is known to be an allergen for a lot of people, do you force them to eat it?

For example, oldest daughter and the nuts. She has never been a fan of nuts. I also have several children who refuse to eat eggs. And tuna. I KNOW that each of these foods can be a problematic. But there is some disagreement in the house over how to handle the "dislikes".

So, how would YOU handle this?

2 comments: said...

Well, since you asked... :)
I was raised in a guilt ridden household-- and since I was and still am a picky eater -- this enviroment wasn't helpful--
So, we have tried to find a middle road with out kiddo's-
4 years= 4 bites
My kids really don't crave a ton of "bad food" -- They don't even like soda pop! --
But once in a while I will make mashed potatoes for my son and husband-- but my daughter and I will have something else-- We,the girls don't really care for potatoes!
Pardon my grammar and spelling!
oh, and my daughter likes shellfish, although we think,.,, she might be allergic, so we aren't taking chances--

Bubba's Sis said...

The rule in our house is that they have to try it. Then if they truly don't like it, we don't force the issue. Kids tend to get what they need from what they eat, altho I don't know how. My daughter survived on chicken nuggets and mac -n- cheese for the longest time, but she lived to tell about it, and eats wonderfully now! Bottom line: choose your battles. Sometimes the fight is not worth it.