Monday, July 21, 2008

Anyone else falling off the wagon?

No, I am NOT talking about drinking....though my kids are about to drive me THERE, too.

What I am dealing with is the determination I always make at the beginning of the summer, EVERY YEAR, to not give up our hard-fought schedule, because I *KNOW* how hard it is to get back into that routine at the end of the summer.

We tried. REALLY tried. I am actually still retaining parts of that routine. The little ones still go to bed (most nights) by around 8:00 pm. The older ones are in bed by 9:00. Most nights.

Except that the husband is enjoying having the kids to watch movies and TV shows with him, because I just don't watch TV.

And I am TRYING to get up in the mornings, and go for my walks before it is unbearably hot....and the oldest *wants* to walk with me. Until she is spending the night with her friends. And then the second oldest *wants* to walk with me...but he is practically impossible to wake up in the morning.

And then, when I need peace and quiet during the day to work, the kids are all trying to kill each other, or fussing with each other over stupid things....

"FRANCES, please find out what is going on up there!"
(yelling, screaming, and slamming of doors ensues....)
(Frances comes down the stairs, looking innocent....)
"Frances, what was going on?

Yes, having a teenager in the house has its moments. She's GREAT, sometimes, at babysitting, and supervising house cleaning, and cooking meals. SOMETIMES is the operative word. When she wants to....or when she wants something....

Speaking of second will become a teenager in April of next year. I am more than a little frightened...he already has a WAY worse attitude than his older sister...

So, I have about given up on keeping the routine. I think we have a new routine for the summer...
Dad up and out of the house by 530 am
Mom up and walking before 7:00 am
littler people wandering out of bed by about 10:00
Breakfast, house cleaning, etc., finished by noonish
Everyone playing outside all afternoon so mom can work and not kill anyone

I think I need to go dig my wine out...I am finding I need something to help me get through this afternoon!!


Samantha said...

I like your revised schedule!
It is 103 degrees in Chattanooga right now though, so I am enjoying activities INSIDE!

Bubba's Sis said...

My kids are driving me crazy, too. And it's over 100 degrees here, too, so I can't just send them outside or they'd die. And that would be bad.

Only 5 weeks until school starts.....

casual friday everyday said...

I have those days with only two kids! LOL