Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27

Thirteen Things about the rest of July

1. There will be packing and unpacking.

2. There will be lots of laundry.

3. There will be days at the pool.

4. There will be time off for Mom.

5. There will be extra time for the kids with Dad.

6. There will be lots of doctors' appointments.

7. I WILL be clearing off my desk...I promise.

8. I will get to travel...some more.

9. I will get to spend time with other adult women.

10. There will be more pictures....lots more pictures.

11. There will be a visit to King's Dominion, and lots of concerts.

12. There will be visits with friends, and family.

13. There will be church, and work, and lots of time at home...and a visit for ME to Women of Faith.

What are your plans for the rest of the month?

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Always Been Different said...

Seems we have to do a lot of the same things this month...I am tired just thinking about it all :-)

Happy TT!

Picturing of Life said...

enjoy your "July" month...

My T13 in here

bernieg1 said...

Great list, my 33rd TT is up at 13 Muslim Greeting Cards - I noted the paucity of Islamic Greeting Cards at my local stationery store and so as a public service to Muslims in America, I offer the following 13 Shariah-Compliant Greeting Cards...