Friday, October 10, 2008

Headed into the weekend

I have *finally* caught up on my work enough that I don't feel horribly overwhelmed with work for the weekend. As always, the weekend is full...

Jason had two softball games tonight,
Frances played with the marching band for a football game,
tomorrow includes Ladies' Brew Group, with my needing to be there early,
Jon heading to a birthday party of a kid from church,
setup for church on Sunday morning,
two church services,
tear down afterwards,
house cleaning and laundry sometime in there,
and finishing up the last of my work for the week.

In the mean time, I've been catching up with friends from college...figuring out where they are and what they're all doing. It's exciting to see from the approximately 7 years of Bible College and Seminary grads I know that there are a large number overseas in various countries, and in many and varied positions across this country. The most exciting part is the depth of the relationships each has with the Lord, and the various pathways God has led each down. I have friends in Japan, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Peru, India, and several other countries. I have friends in computer work, film, radio, television, working in Christian schools and public schools and teaching in colleges, working with handicapped children and underpriviledged children, friends who are pastors and pastors' wives, youth ministers, missionaries, music ministers and music teachers. For the last few years, I have felt alone, isolated from people who believed as I do, from people who have the firm foundation in Scriptures we all received in Bible College. Now that I am able to reconnect with these friends, I no longer feel so alone.

So, who have you caught up with this week?

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