Monday, October 20, 2008

I can't believe it's MONDAY already....

My brain is working 90 miles an hour, working, and preparing for THAT class, the one that's gonna be the death of me. So, last week wasn't SO bad...I was still embarrassed by what I had, but the teachers were kind....and I'm LEARNING...and it's re-awakening the creative juices...which is ALWAYS a good thing!!

The other thing that's gotten my brain going is a project for our church (INCREDIBLE, AWESOME, WONDERFUL church!!), more specifically for the Children's Ministry, doing.....ahhhhhh.....what I WANTED to do....setting up a blog, and a facebook group....THIS is FUN!!! I'm having SO MUCH fun! And this lonely little blog that I have stumbled through learning has assisted in what I'm doing now.

The weekend was good. It was restful. I got to SLEEP IN. I got to enjoy my family. I got to clean my house. A clean house is SO NICE.

How was your weekend?


imbeingheldhostage said...

less pressure filled than yours, thanks for asking :-)I did laundry who hoo! Please don't be jealous, I have plenty to share.
A class? I AM behind, aren't I?!
Glad you're having fun with the new blog!

New Girl on Post said...

A clean house is always a great feeling to have and sleeping in too? Sounds like my kind of weekend!