Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I know. I normally do Thursday Thirteen. I just can't today. That would require thinking. My brain is NOT cooperating. So, in order actually come up with a post, I am going to perform my normal style of writing...verbal (okay, on "paper") diarrhea. Yes, that IS how that is spelled. I know. I type those types of words every day.

So this isn't going to be a very coherent post. If I can get through a paragraph on the same thought today, I will have accomplished something. My brain is FRIED. Or maybe just drugged. Haven't figure that out yet.

So, I think I am *almost* recovered from my back sprain and pinched nerve. I feel a LOT better. I am still a little sore at night, but I can make it through the day without pain killers. I am starting to catch back up on my house. You know...doing those things that don't get done while mom is out of the hand-washed dishes, and actually washing laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms. Yeah, my house was really getting ragged.

Today is one of those days when I remember what I disliked about fall/winter in the southeast. It is OVERCAST. That spells depression for those of us with SAD. I've never been diagnosed with SAD, but I have noticed a pattern of worsening depression in the winter months. So, brighter lights and MUCH more use of them is in store for us this winter. THAT is something else I miss about MT...winter sunshine reflecting off the snow. MUCH less SAD for me there.

So, the husband is *almost* finished with his Master's Degree!! YIPPEE!! He will be done in about a month. Just in time to get his books to start on his NEXT Master' Theology. Through yet another school....this one is not primarily online, though the whole degree will be compoleted online. THIS degree has a goal in mind....the Navy Chaplaincy.

In the mean time, he has tried to get a part-time job (as if he needed MORE things to fill his time), to fill the difference between what the Navy pays and what we need to live on. I make *some* money, but not enough. ARGH. That is probably the only thing I miss about working at Walmart...I actually brought in a good amount of money. I miss that now. But not the hours. Or the standing on concrete for 8 hours at a time. Or missing being home with my chiildren. Anyway, back to hubby trying to find a part-time job....the places he's tried are not hiring. And they're BIG companies that USUALLY are hiring a LOT of people over the holidays. So, we talked about it. And we came to the conclusion that we are REALLY going to have to learn to trust God right now. What else CAN we do?!? work is calling....must go make some money while I can....if you lasted through this, thank you for listening!


The Mrs. said...

Its rough right now with money isnt it? Hang in there you arent alone. I try not to think about how much officers make, it just makes me bitter. : )

have you tried getting a little desk true color light? This overcast weather is yucky maybe that'll help.

Trish said...

I think times are tough everywhere.
I know God hears our prayers we just have to wait for the answers.
I hope your husband find extra part time work and your finances improve too.
I agree being at home with our children is worth more than anything when it is possible.
I hope you back is fully healed soon.