Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Purse Bling....check it out!!!

Here's a unique website to remember for gifting the girlfriends in your life.
These things are so practical and make wonderful gifts.

The Key Finders hang over the lip of your purse so you never have to go digging for keys again!

The Purse Hangers are perfect for ladies who go out to eat often.
Instead of putting your purse on the floor or elsewhere, you hang it from the table top right next to you.
Convenient and smart.

Just thought I'd pass this along when we are all looking for budget friendly gifts.
They are very pretty and nice quality too - a very nice piece of "purse jewelry".
(You can also have them personalized.)

Below is a link to my friend Kathie's new stay at home business.


Trish said...

My SIL got one similar as a giveaway = they are a neat idea and says you bag being on the floor ...eeewww in same places.

Trish said...

I meant to write saves...oops and some not same.
I can't get my head together today.