Saturday, January 3, 2009

Week in Review

This has, of course, been an odd week. The kids are still out of school, and Jason is home...he only had to work on Monday and Tuesday, and then call in on Friday. It was an odd change of routine for me, so I really didn't get a lot done.

I DID continue with my walking plan. After I hurt my back in November, I had to stop walking and working out for a while. That was NOT helpful with the weight-loss plan. I have finally been able to start walking again, and the weather has cooperated, so far. Next week I hope to get back into going to the gym twice a week.

I had a WONDERFUL visit with friends on Wednesday. Especially cool that they matched ALL of my poor, lonely socks...both baskets full. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU!!

Wednesday night, we spent the evening hanging out with Jason's sister and her kids...alternately chatting, munching on snack food, losing money at Texas Hold'em, and watching the balll drop. It was a fun evening. Thanks, Jamie!!

Thursday we deep fried our second turkey for the year....It was yummy. Jason is still trying to find the perfect injectible marinade....

We've had sleep-overs, play dates, and parties all week long for various kids. Tonight, two kids are spending the night with friends. It's been a busy week.

Today, I got to relax for a couple of hours, sitting at Barnes and Noble, drinking coffee and reading, while I was waiting for the oldest and her friend from church.

I'm looking forward to next week....5:00 wake-up calls, kids in school and hubby back to work. Maybe I'll be able to catch up, yet again, on the laundry.

How was your week?

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The Mrs. said...

you deep fry your turkey!?! I'm so jealous! Really, I am. I had it once at a pot luck and it was incredible. Every year I ask flyboy and he always just gives me this "look". I cant figure out why he isnt on board.

good luck with your walking! take it nice and easy and soon you'll be right back where you left off!