Friday, July 24, 2009

It is Friday...

My plans for today are limited to working, supervising the grounded teen, and heading to the base gym for an appointment concerning nutrition and exercise. My doctor has given me a new label, which I am trying to shake, if I can only lose 10 to 15 pounds in the 3 months. So, my project for the next 12 weeks. The problem is that some of this weight has become really good friends with the rest of me...having been hanging around here since my eldest was born, more than 15 years ago.

Oh, and we have our LAST softball games for the season 8:45 and 9:45 p.m. It's going to be a late night...and that's a hard time for me because that is when my blood sugar tries to tank on me. Then tomorrow, the kids are wanting to spend the day with some friends from church and Jason has drill.

Do you have plans for your weekend?


Bama_in_Va Beach said...

What up? Have fun at the ball games!!! Wait a minute they all can't go to hang with friends one of'ems grounded! And i'll tell you what helps me a lot with blood sugar. I am hypoglysemic thus my sugar levels drop when i don't pay attention to what i'm eating. Keep a pack of life savers on you. Take one maybe 2 and that is it. No more. The one to 2 will bring your sugar levels back up to a managable level until you can get some real food in you.

mike said...

Hello Laura! Hope that all is going well for you...sounds like normal from what I can see. You know I've missed popping in here, lately...I'll be back more often.

Semper Fi,