Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Avenue of Support

Military wives everywhere are often on the look-out for support. The job we do is never easy, and we all know that any job is easier if we have friends to help carry the load.

THAT is why I was SO excited to come across the web page for Wives of Faith. What an exciting source of support for Christian Military Wives!

Check out the page...there is support for the Military marriage, Bible study, a prayer ministry, and local groups. I think there's also live chats, and newsletters.... I can't wait to dig further!

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Kayti Wilburn said...

So glad you found Wives of Faith! You should check out http://frazledmwcn.ning.com/ too. It's a great community for Military Wives and I know that Shannon and Sara do a radio show for Mil Spouses too. :)