Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!

We are going to be going to some friends' house for a party this evening...probably not staying too late (after all, there are still youngish kids in this house), and coming home to Christmas decorations still up.

I'm not ready for the new year. I never am. I don't do well with change, including the inevitable changes that time passing brings my way. I take a while to warm up to each and every change, including the new year.

However, this year I HAVE made some resolutions. Do you do that? Do you actually make attainable goals, or just lofty dreams about what you want to do for the next year? I hope the goals/resolutions I have made are attainable. I think they are. I'm putting them out here for all 10 of you to read and keep me accountable.

In 2010, I resolve/determine to:
1. Lose at least 15 more pounds.
2. Go back to school to get my Master's Degree.
3. Keep my house in "company-ready" condition.
4. Sleep.
5. Eat better (goes with #1), to get out of the "pre-diabetic" range.
6. Keep growing into the woman, wife, and mom that God wants me to be.

So, what are your plans for tonight? And your goals for this new year?

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