Friday, December 4, 2009

How is YOUR Christmas shopping going?

Not doing so well? Got it all done (I *intensely dislike* you...)? What comes to mind when you get ready to "get into the season?" Do you dread all of the crowds, the shopping, the consumer mentality of this holiday? Ever wonder what you can do to change that attitude?

I have seen this video a few times now, and LOVE it. And apparently a LOT of other people do, too. It makes you really think about all that we spend on presents people don't really want or need.

The ADVENT CONSPIRACY will open your eyes. Go to the page and look for the video "Enter the Story." I tried to pull it to here, but couldn't figure out how....

Really. It will change how you think.

Oh, and our little church is hoping to dig a well with our little Rwanda.
To save a village.


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