Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My brain is coming back!!

I am SO excited. I used to write, and paint, and sew, and decorate, and pretty much had creativity oozing out of every pore.

Then I had kids.

My brain abandoned me. I guess it was feeling a little abandoned..what with interuptions, and no sleep, and other inconveniences that go with having a bunch of children in a short period of time (wow...okay, so that's the first time I've EVER considered 10 years a *short* period of time!!).

Now my "baby" is almost SIX years old. My oldest two could probably run the house without me (that's my goal, anyway...). Yes, I'm busy, but in a controlled, more sleep, less chaos kind of way. I'm kinda diggin' it!

And I have discovered my brain again! It was there all along, just drugged-feeling from years of no sleep and the hectic-ness of life with small children.

I am SO happy to have my brain back! Now maybe I can get on with that book that's been brewing in the back of my head...or the poetry, or sewing, or web design....oh, where to start?!?


Tara Anderson said...

Whew! Now I know that my brain will come back one day...what a relief!!! :) Good luck with whatever it is you decide to pursue!!!

Marine Wife said...

You're giving me hope that mine will come back...someday.