Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

Towering trees
with long, naked arms.
Carols abreeze
at Christmas tree farms.

Children are thinking
of presents and food.
Parents are wishing
others were not so rude.

The Christmas tree's up,
dressed in white lights,
and long lists of wishes
kids are starting to write.

While parents are longing
for days in the past
with less stuff to do
and wine in a glass.

Ignoring the bills
that next month will bring,
All choosing to focus
on presents and things.

While out in the shadows,
forgotten by some,
there quietly waits
a reminder of home.

A pastoral scene
with unusual kine
A mother and dad
and a baby so fine.

"Why must that be here,"
people wonder aloud,
as they bustle to spend,
keeping up with the crowd.

Forgotten the reason
it all came about
in the rush of the season
and carols so loud.

Still He quietly waits,
no longer a babe,
Loving the ones
He was born to save.

by Laura Paxton, December, 2009

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