Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please pray with me...

This beautiful child of mine will be seeing a neurologist in the morning, trying to figure out why she can't feel pain or temperature in her hands and forearms.

*Please pray for the doctor to be able to figure this out.

*Please pray for healing for whatever is the source of the problem.

*Please pray for clarity of thought for myself, and that I can turn this incredible fear over to God.

Today is one of those days when I wish I didn't know quite this much medical terminology. I know just enough to make me really worried about what the symptoms and tests are NOT saying.



Tara Anderson said...

Laura, we'll praying...for all of you!!!

KC said...

will be praying Laura..

Lily said...

How did it go?

I am emailing you now ;)

Mary R. said...

Saw your blog on life of a butterfly wife's role. Stopping in to say hi and follow. My husband is retired from the A.F.

Flo said...

you posted about your daughter's inability to feel pain and heat..what was the outcome..don't leave us hangin!!! and thanks for following me.