Thursday, September 30, 2010

Music to remember

I've spent some time this evening (since my exam is over, there is no pressing work, and my next paper is due Sunday?) browsing through blogs I know and love, and used to read on a regular basis, way back before life became as insane as it is right now.

I was overjoyed to catch up with several "old friends" and see how life is treating them these days. I was also able to introduce my husband to one particularly special couple I have kept up with, off and on, for the last two years. Angie Smith and her husband Todd (of Selah) have seen God lead them through a lot in the last two years. When you have some time, go read the amazing story of their daughter, Audrey Caroline, and how God has used them since her birth and death. Angie's blog is called "Bring the Rain," named after MercyMe's song below, and it plays on her blog every time you open a new page. So listen...and then go visit Angie's blog. God has done (and is still doing) some amazing things there....

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