Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today's challenge was to talk about refreshing our faith at Christmas.

How does your faith refresh at Christmastime?

 Confession time:  I am not a shopper.  I *hate* shopping - with a passion.  Which has not been too much of a problem pretty much since we got married, because we've never really had a lot of money with which to shop.  These two facts have made our Christmases minimal over the whole of our marriage.

That said...I LOVE Christmas.  I love the excitement building...the pretty lights...the yummy desserts...the get-togethers.  But mostly, I LOVE the music, the plays, the retelling of the story every year.  I am refreshed every year by the freshness of the story - the wonder of the new baby and the amazement of what He came to do for us.  Each year, hearing yet again the story reminds me of the amazing love my Father has for me...and for those who don't yet know Him.

Go enjoy more bloggy Christmas carnival fun with us at Wives of Faith. 


Beth said...

That is such an exciting thing, for those who don't yet know Him to come to know Him!!!!

Pattie said...

I love your amazement! So glad you joined us on our carnival!

Midlife Army Wife said...

I'm not a shopper either!! Except for books, but that's different :)

Lily said...

such a beautiful post Laura!
I feel the same way, Christmas in my heart is about the reason not the gifts under the tree ;)