Thursday, October 6, 2011

So, I've learned some things.

  1. I will not be doing another drawing/giveaway on my blog. 
  2. Drawings and give-aways take a lot of work. 
  3. I don't have a lot of time to do the work necessary.
  4. Even if I DO the work involved, people that sign up don't necessarily respond.  
  5. I STILL have a book to give to *someone*....God knows *I* don't need two copies.  
  6. I want to get this taken care of pronto...
  7. ...because I WILL NOT be doing another giveaway on this blog.  
SO, I REALLY REALLY REALLY need someone, with a GOOD, active email address, who actually WILL  respond to tell me they want this book, because I think it's an amazing book, and I want to give it to someone who wants and needs it. 

If you're wondering about the book, check out my blog post book review of Faith Deployed...Again, by Jocelyn Green,


Beth said...

Hi! This is Beth from Wives of Faith. Do you know another military wife you can give it to? Maybe there is someone close to you that would like it..I am sure you have made every effort to handle things correctly on your blog. I already have a copy or I would love to have it. :)

ltran said...

Hi Laura! I recieved your post. My email is

Super excited, never won anything on here before! Still pretty new at blogging :)

Thanks and nice to "meet" you!!! Laura Tran

Laura said...

I got your email...still need to get your mailing address so I can get it out to you ASAP! Thanks for responding!!