Friday, December 2, 2011

Week (and month) in Review

Bullet-points, or I'll not get it all in...
This last week has been BUSY...
  • Thanksgiving, November 24
  • Heather's birthday November 25
  • Drive back to VA from SC on Saturday, November 26
  • Church on Sunday
  • Put the "not-boyfriend", 2 little girls, 1 neighbor girl, and the 14-year-old to work raking leaves...4 bags out to the street.
  • Kids back to school on Monday
  • Jason and Laura raked 10 more bags of leaves out of the back yard.
  • Laura finishing final projects on Monday
  • Monday also included kids to venturing, one kid to PT, and Jason to a birthday party.
  • Laura back to school Tuesday (ALL day)
  • Tuesday the dogs got out and wandered the neighborhood for 4 hours...lots of worry and tears...
  • Wednesday was a work-day, and shopping at the exchange.
  • One kid to PT on Wednesday.
  • Thursday was a work-day, and a relatively quiet evening at home.
November also included:
  • Jason completed his year in Bahrain and arrived home on November 5th.
  • Frances got her class ring stuck on her finger, and had to have it cut off. 
  • I had to get two tires replaced on our 2008 van.
  • We traded in our 2008 van for a 2012 van...2 weeks after the tire change.
  • We all survived another month of school.
  • We got the new Christmas tree set up...but no decorations on it...still need to find the box of ornaments.  
I know it's not November any more...we're going to a Christmas party tonight!!  And two kids are going to a Leadership seminary.  And Jason is running a 10-mile race tomorrow.  Whatever happened to calm and quiet weekends?!?

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Raising 8 said...

I love that! Got the tree up and now have to find the ornaments. It makes me feel better that it may be normal to be somewhat disorganized and misplace things like that.