Saturday, June 14, 2014

Things I miss about Blogging

I have done a terrible job over the past few years of keeping my blog up-to-date.  Being a full-time student, mom, military wife, pastor's wife, and working part-time have all played a part in my lapse.  In addition, writing for ME and for others to read has not been as high of a priority as writing for grades in school has been much more pressing.  

I miss writing.  
I miss seeing words on paper.
I miss creative expression of my thoughts.  
I miss interacting with others over the thoughts coming out of my head.  
I miss the processing that happens as the words trip over themselves to make their way onto the page.  
I miss being able to go back and read what was going on in my head during those times when the words force their way out.  

So, I am trying to release the dammed-up words.  
I am attempting to get back into the habit of weekly and perhaps sometimes daily interactions here.  
I look forward to the way letting the words out helps to shape more words as they make their way out of my head.