Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Parable - Part I

Imagine with me a healing institution of world-wide renown.

All reports of patients coming out of this facility are glowing.

The healing happening is miraculous.

The caregivers are amazing. 

The hope for every new patient is boundless.  Every prognosis is good.  Every disease is treatable. 

Imagine you are a patient who has heard of this amazing, almost unbelievable place.  You have tried everything else.  Nothing has worked.  You are dying of your disease.  There is NO hope.  The only thing you have left to try is this facility.  You would be willing to do anything it would take - give up everything you have - to go to this place and see if they are everything you have heard.

You travel to this world-renowned hospital and are admitted.  You and those around you know you are dying of your disease.  It was clearly written on your admissions paperwork and your chart.
Everyone that checked you in was amazingly caring, and almost excited to see you.  Their excitement rubbed off on you, and you began to have a small seed of hope form that perhaps something could be done for you.  You were left to settle in to your room.

After a while of no one coming to see to your care, you started to wonder what was going on. You start making some noise because you want to experience this world-famous care and healing of which you have heard.

Finally, a nurse comes in and tells you to quiet down.  It seems your excitement about being a new patient here has upset some of the longer-term patients.  Just be patient, your turn will come, you are told.

Somewhat disgruntled, you settle in again, beginning to wonder about the way this place is operated.  About the time you begin to lose hope, the admissions people come by your room to check on you.  They seem a bit upset and bewildered by the lack of care you are receiving, and promise to follow up.  That is the last you see them, but at least they stoked the small fire of hope that had been started.

Some time later another nurse comes by and asks if you have eaten.

"Of course not", you reply, "as no one has brought food."
The nurse looks at you, incredulous, and says, "You're supposed to go down to the cafeteria with everyone else!"
"But", you sputter, "...this is a hospital! I'm supposed to stay here, in my room!"

The nurse explains that everyone eats together in the cafeteria, and that the effort required to get there will be worth it.  You wonder how others, those whose disease is more advanced, are able to get to the cafeteria.  You wonder, but say nothing...only asking where the cafeteria is located, and how you are supposed to get there.

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