Monday, August 17, 2015


How can this be
That little miniature of me
So dependent and needy
No longer needs me

How did this happen
My wobbly-legged shadow
So unsure of everything
Is suddenly sure of all

When did this happen
My beginning scholar
In awe of all new learning
Reaching another milestone

Why does this change
Once I carried below my heart
Now carries a piece of it 
As she makes her way

How do I reach in my heart
And break off another piece
As I also release the next
My handsome one

How can I bear this pain
My little wild child
Settles in to become serious
And takes yet another bit

How do I anticipate the grief
My other little weeds
Growing like crazy
Threatening my peace

How does my heart recover
As all of the little pieces
Are broken off 
And wandering around alone

1 comment:

Lily Ashley said...

We don't recover, we just think of it as pruning, as "branching out" and pray; my 18 & 21 y.o's have moved out, and i knowbthe feeling. Xoxoxoxo