Friday, September 18, 2015

No-Man's Land

It's lonely out here.

People don't understand me.

I don't fit their little boxes.

I think I'm okay with that.

See, we USED TO fit the box of homeschoolers.
Now, 4 of our kids are in public schools, one is in a public university, and another is at a Christian college.

We are a military family...
...but that didn't start until a LONG time after we were married and having kids.  8 years to be specific.

I grew up Mennonite.
He grew up Baptist.
We don't really fit either of those labels.

We are anti-vaxers...
Until we are NOT.

We are mostly conservative.
Sometimes we could be called liberal.

I am a country girl...
but I really love the diversity of city life.

And home....yeah...
South Carolina is where I was born and raised, where we were married, where we had our first 4 children.
Texas is home to my heart...and where #5 was born.
Montana was home for a while, and is where #6 was born.
Virginia was home for 7 years...and so very many friends are there.
Massachusetts is home for now.
He also considers Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina....
I like what Pumba said in the Lion King... "home is where your rump rests!"
Or, where the Navy sends us....

We reside in No-Man's Land.
It's lonely out here, but I think we like it.  At least we've gotten used to it.....

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