Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Resetting ME

This morning I sat down to read my Bible study (because it's tomorrow, and I'm hosting, and you know, it'd prolly be a good idea for me to have actually read it...), but was quickly distracted by all that I had to get done, and a million other thoughts.

This study already promises to really challenge me where I need it.  After all, what mom doesn't need some "encouragement" to work on decision-making, and being tuned-in to God, so that we make our BEST decisions?!?

Meanwhile, there is SO MUCH else going on in my life...when isn't there??

I am "breaking in" a new counselor, and part of that includes bringing her up-to-date on my life.  Heh.  In order to do that efficiently...because I'm good like that (HA!)...I sat down and wrote out a time-line of my life, which included major events in my life.  Things that *might* have contributed to my current stress level.


There is a LOT that has happened in my life.
20+ moves.
Births of 6 children.
Grad school.
Children moving out.
Husband's grad school.

The thing I realized, as I put this all on paper, was that I haven't had a break.  In almost 23 years of marriage, I have *1* year where there was *not* a major stressor.  I KNEW I was dealing with a major build-up of stress, but I never really put it all together as to how much stuff had built up over the years.

Our most recent sermon series (finished Sunday) was called Reset, and dealt with the idea that God set aside a day every week for us, His creation, to REST and to RESET.  While we HAVE made a day of rest a priority for most of our marriage, the recognition that I personally have not been able to relax was a light-bulb moment.

So, I'm looking forward to a chance to reset my stress levels, and decision-making...right after I get back from my job interview this afternoon....

(You can go watch the whole Reset series HERE.)

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