Monday, October 19, 2015

The Labels I give myself

Often, as a parent, I have fought to keep my children from being limited by their labels.  We think if we can protect them from labels, they will see more of themselves, and be able to do more.

However, for myself, I find that sometimes labels are helpful.  After all, who would want a cabinet full of tin cans with no labels on them?  "Looks like 'surprise dinner' again tonight, kids!  Wonder what's in THIS can?"

I label myself, and often with labels that feel right to me, whether anyone else sees the legitimacy of the label.

I call myself a Believer, a Christian, a follower of Christ.

I call myself a mom.  I guess most people can see that.

I call myself a wife.

I call myself a NAVY wife.

I call myself a counselor.

I call myself by a number of names that at first glance may not seem to fit.

One of those it Third Culture Kid, though I have never lived outside of the contiguous United States.

Another is Orphan, though my parents are still living.

Additionally, I call myself Broken, Wounded, Healing, Healer, Warrior, Misfit, Outsider, Educated, a Reader.

I have fought most of these labels over the years...I have not wanted to label myself.  But like those cans in the cabinet, my labels help me on my path to healing, and help others as they support me on my journey.

What labels do you give yourself?  Are they helpful labels?

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