Friday, October 23, 2015

Things I've missed

I grew up in a VERY conservative home and church community.  There were a LOT of things that were normal for my college friends that I had never experienced.

My parents never allowed me to date.

I had never been to a football game...high school, college, or professional.

Or a dance.

We didn't own a TV or go to the movies.  I saw ONE movie prior to college.

Because my parents limited my experiences, I missed out on a lot of things.

I missed out on all the highs and lows of high school dating.  The awkwardness.  The drama.  The excitement.  I don't think I really care NOW that I missed dating then...but then, it was a huge deal.

I missed out on Friday night movies, or football games, or baseball games, or much hanging out with friends.  We were able to hang out occasionally...Monday nights were set aside for church softball games and youth volleyball.  Sunday nights, after church, were a time for the youth to socialize at someone's home.

I missed out on much of the drama that is part and parcel of the high school experience.  I can't say that is something I regret missing.  I am a quiet, peacemaking person, and drama is NOT something I desire.

I missed out on learning to dance.  Even today, dancing is not something I am comfortable attempting to do.  Don't get me wrong...I WANT to dance.  I LOVE all of the dancing in the musicals...ballroom dancing, line dancing...I am fascinated and so very much wish I knew how to dance.  But, because I never learned how to dance, and was taught that movement was sinful, dancing is not something I have ever done much of.  I would learn in a minute, if I had the money for lessons, or someone were willing to spend the time to teach me.

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