Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Wishlist

I don't think I have *ever* actually written a list of what I want for Christmas.

As a child, I think I figured I would just be disappointed because I wouldn't get what I wanted.

As an adult, finances have never been really fluid, and besides, gifts for my kids ALWAYS come first.

But, this year I thought I'd write something to help out.  Because how can people get me what I want, unless they KNOW?!?

In that vein, my list:

  1. I want my son to be able to come up to visit. 
  2. I want to go a WEEK without some type of drama. 
  3. I want enough money to grocery shop, without having to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  4. I want to actually be able to decorate for Christmas...which means I need a tree. 
  5. I want to be able to give my kids and my husband, and my parents (and maybe my siblings and their spouses, too!), and my inlaws. And our amazing neighbors.  And maybe the kids' teachers (never been able to afford that, so that's an extra).  
  6. I want a job.  (You can find me on LinkedIn.  I can also send out my resume. Really.)
  7. I want to be able to pay for my daughter's field trip, and the other daughter's college application, and the other daughter's grad school application.
  8. I want to be able to get the glasses that 2 of my children desperately need.  
  9. I want to be able to go to a Christmas play, or musical, or something put on by children, that is NOT secularized.  I LOVE watching little kids reenact a nativity scene!! 
  10. I want to dress up, and go to some kind of adult party.  
Now, in reality, I don't know that any of these will happen before January.  December is ALWAYS a hard month.  And 3 of my children are working in a mall over the holidays, so they'll be BUSY...and the son I want a visit from is working TWO jobs, so I'm not sure how he'd be able to take off the time.

I also recognize that I am likely to be chided for this post, considering that YESTERDAY was Thanksgiving Day.  Ahem.  I am really pulling at straws to find things for which to be thankful...I don't need any help with the always-present guilt-complex.

Frankly, my disappointment with the holiday season started a bit early this year, and I'm cynical enough to doubt that it's going to change much in the next month.  I'm open to being proven wrong...just realistic enough to recognize that I probably won't be.

You will notice that I am NOT asking for THINGS for me.  *I* don't need anything (except the job...I REALLY need the job!).  I have SO VERY MUCH.  What I am asking for is things that will help reduce my stress level, and that of my husband, and will make my family happy.  Why? Because THAT is what I want to give to my family this year.  I want to give them a great start to 2016.


Ken Schamberger said...

Great list of things to ask for. I hope some of theses things you will receive especially a job. Prayed for you and your family this morning.

Alisa said...

Great list. Praying for you. Alisa