Thursday, June 9, 2016

Exhausted, but life is good!

In the past two weeks, our household has experienced a LOT:
May 26: Jason's parents came into town, I worked. 
May 27: Leah and Katherine went with their school choir to Canobie Lake after their final performance for the year.
May 28: The whole family went on a fun historical excursion in Boston.
May 29: We went to church, and had a fun cookout in our cul-de-sac with our wonderful neighbors.
May 30: Jason's parents flew home, and Jon arrived. I worked.  
May 31: Leah did a presentation at school on inequality. I worked.
June 1: Leah and Katherine were in their first school play.  I worked.
June 2: Family pictures and Heather's Graduation, and All-Night-Grad-Party. 
June 3: Justin and Heather went to a graduation party for a friend on base.  I worked.

By Stephanie of
Sunflower Portrait Studios
June 4: Jason had drill, Jon flew back to VA, I got to have a lovely brunch to say farewell to a beautiful friend, I shopped with Leah to get things for her upcoming 8th grade trip...
June 5: Jason had drill. The rest of us went to church. Frances had a meeting for her upcoming ministry trip to Guatemala. 
June 6: Leah left to go to Gettysburg, Washington, DC, and other tours with her 8th grade class.  Everyone else went to school and work. 
June 7: We finally got a new dryer.  Everyone went to school and work.  Leah is still out of state.
June 8: Everyone is in school, or work...Leah is out of town still. 
June 9 (TODAY!): School, work, Leah gets home (between 10:45 and 11:00 pm)!! Katherine went on a field trip. 
(can life return to some resemblance of normal now, please?!?)
Also, in there, I spent 2 weeks washing clothes here, and either hanging them to dry in my basement, taking them to the neighbor's house, or Frances taking them to the base's laundromat.  Additionally, there was physical therapy, two trips to a car dealership, additional trips to church, and to the grocery store. 
To top it off, I fell today, in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.  My stupid weak ankle gave out (twisted) and I landed on my left knee and left hand. Yes, it hurts, but it is more embarrassing than anything else. 
I'm tired.  My ankle is swollen.  I have awakened with headaches most of the last two weeks.  My authorization for PT has run out.  3 clients cancelled on me today.  My beautiful lovely amazing neighbor moved to Ohio.  Did I mention that I'm tired???  Life needs to slow down.  And now we prepare for school to finally end (June 20th for the middle schoolers, and June 17 at the High school...Heather has been out for 3 weeks now), and gearing up for VBS, Camp, ministry trips...and no vacation for mom and dad. 
Some days, adulting SUCKS.
**One final note. Something is weird with Blogger. None of the spacing is working right, and I am tired of fighting it. You're just going to have to forgive the mess. I'm tired.

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