Saturday, December 24, 2016

Family Newsletter, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Paxton family!!

Christmas 2016 finds us still in Massachusetts.

We have enjoyed a busy year with many milestones.

Frances transferred from CIU, to Liberty Online, to Gordon College, where she continues towards her goal of finishing school sometime before she is eligible for retirement.

Jon is still in Virginia Beach, currently working full-time, but was able to make the trip up to visit when his sister graduated....

Heather graduated from high school (YAY!), and is working part-time...and trying to "find herself" (...think the parents can help with that!!).

Justin is a Junior in high school, and has been able to take part in several theater productions, thus rendering him unable to keep up with school work or have anything resembling a social life.

Leah is a Freshman in high school, and was also able to take part in the school's fall musical. Her social life is only moderately busier than Justin's...for which the parental units are immensely grateful.  

Katherine is adjusting to being the only sibling still going to school on base, and is 7th grade.  The adjustment to being the last Paxton to enter adolescence has taken her parents by surprise with her ease of adjustment, and their shock that they are old enough for their youngest (!) child to be this OLD!!

Jason has stayed busy with work, which has included several out-of-town trainings in the past two months, as well as having made a trip to SC for (allegedly) his high school homecoming....which was henceforth cancelled due to an alleged hurricane.

Laura started back to work after a significant break (ahem...close to 10 years?), this time working in the field of trauma therapy, and attempting to keep up with her level of Facebook posts and associated game requests, while maintaining a messy house, and staying consistently behind on the laundry, as well as starting back to school AGAIN, writing mediocre papers, and staying irritated about group projects.

Again, Merry Christmas!!  Prayers from our family to yours for a Peaceful and Joyful 2017!!

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