Monday, June 26, 2017


There's a weight on my chest
that no medicines
or sleep
will relieve.

There's a hole in my heart
that cannot be mended
or filled
in the normal manner.

There's an ache in my bones
unrelieved by medicines
or wraps
or anything.

There's a child that is missing,
place known
name identified,
but still missing.

Things that bug me (semi-annual post?)

I have a lot of pet peeves, apparently.

They particularly show up on Facebook.  All the time.

Like posts that talk about the wonders of beards.  Eww.
And decorating them for Christmas.  Double Ick.

And posts where people misquote Scriptures, and claim that God is some kind of perpetual genie.  NO.

Thankfully a lot of the scams and spam have (finally) been eliminated from my timeline.  (No, Mark Zuckerberg is NOT giving away money.  No, Steve Jobs didn't stipulate some kind of give-away in his will.  No, you will NOT magically come into a lot of money by sharing the posts that have (illegal) pictures of money.)

Unfortunately, there are apparently still a lot of people who are gullible, or paranoid, or some intersection of those two.

Facebook is a GREAT medium for keeping in touch with people, and a great way to network, and to educate.  I have seen it used for great good.  I have also seen people abusing the access they have to other people through this medium.

Part of that includes spamming us with their business posts.
And abusing friendships with politics.
And taking advantage of (unnaturally close) "friends of friends" who really are not friends at all.

Duck lips.  Ducks don't have lips.  Stopit.

Being unwilling to learn from others.  We all have room for growth and learning.  If you're not growing and learning, you are dying.  Be willing to grow and learn from people who are different from you.  Everyone has something they can teach you.  (Sometimes it is what NOT to do!)

Passive-aggressive complaints on Facebook.
Passive-aggressive posts based on guilt-manipulation. ("I know MY friends will repost this..."  I have a flag for that with a two-letter name....STOPIT!!)
Guilt-manipulation in general.  It WILL backfire on you.  DON'T DO IT.

Paranoia. People who stir up paranoia.
Idolatry in the name of Christianity.
Alleged humor at the expense of others.  It's NOT funny.
Fake news.  People who don't check out the articles they post and insist on spreading fake news.

Enough for now.  Yes, I know this sounds petty, and passive-aggressive.  I am not singling anyone out.  If the shoe fits, wear it.  Remove the log from your eye....and then come help me with my splinters...I need the help.

Sunday, June 25, 2017



...for something that never was.
...for the illusion that was proven false.
...for what should have been, but wasn't.

...because there is a hole in my heart.
...because it shouldn't be this way.

...because I don't understand why.

(Edited 6/25/2017)
Healing is a long and arduous process.
Much of what happens in this process is not clear.
Much of what happened in the past is unexplained and misunderstood.
Someday there will be complete healing.
Today is not that day.