About Me


I'm Laura.  Nice to meet you.  I wish we could meet face-to-face, maybe over a cup of coffee, and get to know you better.  As it is, this medium does not give me much room get to know people. 

I know some of you have been around here for a while.  Thank you for sticking around!  Please be patient.  I have some business to take care of, then we'll get on to the good stuff. 

Since we can't all sit down for coffee, why don't you grab a cup, and come back, and I'll share a little about me. 

Go...I'm not going anywhere!

You back already?  That was quick!! 

Okay, so this is me.  I'm a mom.  I'm a wife.  I'm a daughter.  I'm a sister.  I'm a granddaughter.  I'm a child of God. 

I have hopes and dreams and struggles.  I cry and whine and laugh, and have fun with my family. 

I write about all of those things.  If you can't deal with who I really am, then do us both a favor and go somewhere that you will appreciate more. 

If you still want to stick around, please remember that this is my blog.  I reserve the right to write what is going on in my head right now.  Consider it therapy, of a sort, and give me the leeway to publish things you may not agree with. 

See, I have this habit of talking my way through things, and sometimes I even contradict myself.  Imagine that.  I'm human.  I like to be helpful to people.  I sometimes just need to get things off my chest.  Either way, please remember that I am a work in progress, and perfection won't happen any time in this life. 

So, now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can get to the good stuff. 

1.  I am a military wife.  I love the lifestyle.  I don't love everything associated with the military, but I do love that God put us here for now, and has provided amazingly for us through the US Navy. 

2.  I am a mom to six great kids.  They're kids.  Which by definition means they are not perfect.   But, I don't post too much about their imperfections, mainly because I want to give them the chance to work through their own issues without it being published by their mom for the world to read. 

3.  I am no longer a medical transcriptionist.

4. I am no longer a student...I graduated with my Masters in May, 2014!

5.  I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, daughter-in-law.  You get it.  There are people to whom I am related, who I would like to extend the grace to be imperfect humans without my posting it all on the world-wide-web. 

6.  I have an amazing husband, who extends that grace to me...allowing me to learn and grow, and be the person God wants me to be.  He loves God, and loves me, and does an amazing job at both.  That was not always so, and our journey to where God has brought us today is an amazing tale. 

7.  I don't care too much about followers.  I am not working too hard at acquiring more followers.  I love the people who are here, but having more and more followers is just not that important to me right now.  If you're new here, WELCOME!!  I DO hope you come back, but it won't break my heart if you don't. 

8.  As you can probably infer from the above list of things about me, I am incredibly busy, so writing here is not always the highest priority.  Sometimes cooking a meal, washing some laundry, writing a paper, or just spending some time with my kids and amazing husband are higher priorities.  Okay, so most of the time.  Of course, some days I just have something that has to be said, and then you hear from me. 

9.  My relationship with God is central to all that I do.  I make no apologies for that.  He has sustained me through some very rough times, and continues to teach me and grow me, and be patient with my shortcomings.  You'll hear about that, too, from time to time. 

Thank you for coming by and sharing a cup of coffee.  If you live close to me, I'd LOVE to sit down with you at some point for that cup, and really get to know each other.  For now, this will have to do...and I am really glad for those of you who have made it all the way through this. 

UPDATE:  Spam and advertising comments will be deleted.  My page does not exist to provide free advertising for people.  No questions asked.